Philippine Airlines myPAL app
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Did you know that searching and booking a flight is just a tap away using your smartphone? Philippine Airlines just made our lives easier with their myPAL mobile application!

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san beda red lions ncaa 2003

Just a continuation from San Beda Red Lions NCAA Season 79 Highlights this time we feature the high flying James Hudencial, the buzzer beater of Jeff Bombeo, the put back of Arjun Cordero, the coast to coast by Ronnnie Bughao and drive to basket by Jerome Paterno.

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san beda red lions ncaa rosters

Once upon a time when San Beda was still exclusive for boys, when high school students are still in Mendiola campus, when there was still pogi or sometimes we call it hepa lane there were hopes that our very own San Beda Red Lions basketball squad led by then King Lion Arjun Cordero can make a shot at the NCAA playoffs.

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filipino overseas abroad

Everyday there are thousands of Filipinos leave the Philippines as migrants or to work. It is common to see Pinoys in countries such as the Middle East, United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan.

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evangeline escobillo

April 22 – This was the day I told Mommy Vangie and Tito Nestor that I will be going to Berlin, Germany for Rocket Internet training on April 26 and will tour around Europe after that.

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Voyager Innovation Ortigas Office

If you step into the office of Voyager Innovations in Ortigas, you could easily think you are in the heart of Silicon Valley. This effect is intentional.

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Japanese game show

Call this the most craziest and insane Japanese game (passing game) of all time but you might really need a plastic bag before you watch it. Bottomline, the Japanese game shows has never failed to make me laugh since internet began.

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successful pick up lines

There’s never a guarantee that pick-up lines will work. This actually depends on who the person you are talking to and it comes at the right timing. Are you creative enough to pull off a good one or just be ready to get booed!

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Philippine tv bloopers

Admit it, you watch television shows because you want to get updated with the current events, watching sports and/or just to entertain you with the available prime time shows. What if you witness the priceless Filipino bloopers happened on our national television, how would you react?

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Earle's Delicatessen Sandwich Promo

“Where to grab food for lunch?” This has been the popular phrase or question that goes around the office during noon time.

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