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Carlo Isles

Web Marketing Consultant

Hi, I am Carlo Isles and I accept web related consultancy projects.

Let us start making more business on your website today!
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Trip to Bolinao Pangasinan: 7-Hour Travel & Where To Stay

Bolinao Island is considered to be the hidden jewel of the north which makes it an ideal weekend getaway and an ideal holiday destination for beach bums and nature lovers. Read more…

How Does a 2-Year Old Boy Remember His Mother After Her Death

I was curious why she was lying flat inside that wooden box coated with white paint and a glass on top while my siblings would tell me she is just resting and taking a nap. Read more…

5 Ways to Benefit from Google Analytics

Imagine how cool it is to gain insights on your business on the web through Google Analytics. You can decide what you want to happen next through the data that you get. What are these 5 ways to benefit from Google Analytics? Read more…

8 Motivational Quotes To Believe in Yourself

You won’t be able to convince your friends, family, co-workers, employees or clients that you can help make a difference or perhaps change the world unless you convince yourself first. Read more…

Google Forms on your Website

This is perfect to anyone who wants to use and embed a Google Form on their website with very few and simple steps to make it work, whether you are a newbie or novice on coding. Read more…

5 Best Deal Websites in the Philippines

In Decemeber 2008, I remember that Groupon (was only available in Chicago) requires a minimum number of deal buyers to make the deal on and it only offers one deal per day. Read more…

Philippine Government: BIR Tax Calculator

Lately, I have been thinking the formula how to compute a net income, thanks to BIR Tax Calculator. This tool can perform a BIR withholding tax. Read more…

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Web Marketing Consultant

A Proud Filipino

Hi! I am Carlo Isles, a Digital Marketing Strategist based in the Philippines. I have been focusing on Google Analytics, Paid Advertisements - Google, Facebook & Yahoo, building Websites, managing Facebook Fan Pages, creating beautiful Artworks - Logo, Ad Visuals, Tee Shirts, and also offers Web Hosting services too.

I take a personal approach and collaborates with you to make sure that together we can make your project successful. Grab the market share from your competitors and let us find more customers that would be profitable for your business using your website starting today!

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