Walang Pasok. Philippine Holiday on February 29 to 30

Yes, it is confirmed, declared, and announced on Saturday by the Malacañang Palace spokesperson that on February 29 to 30 are a Philippine National Holiday or in short walang pasok.

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life insurance investment Philippines

Everybody is talking about investments, savings, businesses, financial goals and most would say that they want to become a millionaire and buy beautiful houses and performance-enhanced cars. With all those dreams, where should one start their journey and be successful?

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Personal Financial Tips in the Philippines

The fact is the value of Philippine Peso goes down year on year while the prices in the market go up from time to time. The reality is harsh. You have no choice but to accept it and make some budget adjustments to ensure you can still get by and live like everyone else.

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Hugot Para Sa Mga Umaasa

Just a few weeks ago, a couple of Jollibee sentimental commercial videos was released and the internet went gaga especially on social media. Many were able to relate and the majority of them shed some tears as well.

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Social media can be vile. In the wrong hands, it can be used to spread hate & twist people’s minds. You see videos of dogs being burned & posts advocating rape culture. But sometimes social media can be a blessing. Recently responsible netizens have started sharing a simple status update raising awareness for the Philippines’s suicide hotline People suffering from anxiety and suicidal thoughts can call (02) 804 – 4673 (HOPE) for free and get confidential & professional support from trained counsellors. The Philippines’s Department of Health launched the 24/7 suicide hotline in collaboration with the WHO back in 2016 but not everyone is

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BusinessDigital MarketingLifePhilippines

In the past week, we saw from fast food giant a couple of sentimental Jollibee hugot videosflood our news feeds, with most of us responding in kind with a flood of tears. As of this writing, the 3 videos together have accumulated a whopping 29 Million views on Facebook. That doesn’t include the views they got from FB pages that uploaded the videos on their own channels.

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pinoy movie titles that are creatively sexy

One of the things I love in the Philippines is the portfolio of movies we have. Filipinos are very talented and oozing with creativity producing great stories and thiking of unique movie titles.

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Smart GigaSurf50 Data Promo

For Only Php50, you can already enjoy 1GB of mobile data which is also shareable. It also comes with free 300MB for iflix, Spinnr ,YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion & Dubsmash.

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Elorde Boxing Gym with Trainer

Elorde Boxing Gym has proven its brand to deliver amazing formula and effective training workout programs to achieve personal fitness goals may you be a newbie or a serious athlete.

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Pilipinas Debate 2016 - Roxas Blasts Binay over Makati

During the live PiliPinas Debates 2016 round 3 face-off of five presidential hopefuls, DILG Secretary Mar Roxas responded on Vice President Jejomar Binay that there are two Makatis in the country “Makati na ipinaunlad ng Ayala, Makati na marami pang droga”

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