Best Pinoy Movie Titles That Are Creatively Sexy And Will Make Your Day

One of the things I love in the Philippines is the portfolio of movies we have. Filipinos are very talented and oozing with creativity producing great stories and thiking of unique movie titles.

In this case, let’s focus our attention on movie titles. I had some share of this and I bet you’ve seen the best and worst Pinoy movie titles ever made as well. I always find those disturbing and hilarious at the same time. Perhaps coming up with a catchy movie title is parallel to formulating unforgettable shibboleths for our Filipino politicians as they need to be unique, easy to catch with humor so people will surely remember and support them no matter what.

And since I have an inclination and interest on everything the moon can offer, I have searched for random “Pinoy bold movies” or “sexy Pinoy movies” to see what answers Google will give me. To my surprise, I found lots of creative movie titles that are catchy. This made me conclude how artistic and how great our filmmakers are. This led me to curiosity to ask some of my friends. I began with a question “If you will produce and direct a sexy Pinoy movie that is so unique and easy to remember, what would the title be?” The responses are unexpectedly beautiful. See the list below.

pinoy movie title - hihipuin mo lamang
Ang sabi mo’y hihipuin mo lamang by Karl Alster
pinoy movie title - bubuka ang kabibe
Kapag gumagabi, bubuka ang kabibe by Benjamin James
pinoy movie title - Ang kweba ni eba
Kinuyakoy ni kokoy ang kweba ni eba by Michael Gabriel
pinoy movie title - Bulalo ni kuya
Nang taktakin ni yaya ang bulalo ni kuya by King Andrew
pinoy movie title - Mainit kong pichi-pichi
Budburan mo ng niyog ang mainit kong pichi-pichi by Kristine Marie
pinoy movie title - Susuko din ang Bataan
Makipot man ang daan, susuko din ang Bataan by Charlemagne
pinoy movie title - gusto pa ng panday
Pagod na si Inday, gusto pa rin ng Panday by Raquel
pinoy movie title - pusit biglang pumalandit
Nang bumukaka ang pusit, biglang pumalandit by Paul Isaiah
pinoy movie title - makatas na prutas
Lasapin mo ang katas ng masarap kong prutas by Katrina
pinoy movie title - Kaya pa ring isiksik
Gaano man kasikip, kaya ko pa ding isiksik by Jamil

Have you picked your favorite already?
If this is not enough, what would you suggest? Let me know so I can include it on my part 2 on the next post. 🙂

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