Start Saving Money By Following This 8 Tipid Tips

Just like anybody else, I told myself that I will start saving money this year so I can use that savings for an investment, for a planned trip somewhere or merely just saving it for something.

Here’s the first part of tipid tips that you can follow:

1. Use public transportation

pinoy tipid tips - public transportationInstead of bringing your car to work, ride a public transportation not only would save you time looking for a parking lot and stress on the road when traffic but would also lessen your weekly expenses.

2. Try cooking at home

pinoy tipid tips - cooking at home
Konting sipag lang ang pairalin para makatipid at sigurado pa!
Don’t know how to cook? Dude, visit YouTube! Look for the food that you want and how to cook it, it’s totally free. This would definitely save you at least 50% of your expenses. Try it!

3. Keep drinking water

pinoy tipid tips - avoid softdrinks
Kahit tubig lang inumin mo, mabubusog ka na din!
Soda contains a lot of sugar though it’s not that pricey, I still consider that bringing a glass bottle and refill it with water is a good alternative. Though you can save a little money but you can save your life bigtime from diabetes.

4. One light policy

pinoy tipid tips - one light policy
So you’ve been paying thousand of bucks each month for your electricity. Try the rule, one light policy and for sure it will be enough for you to save money.

5. Consider shopping at ukay-ukay

pinoy tipid tips - ukay-ukay
Kahit wala kang kasalanan pwede ka naman humingi ng tawad sa nagbebenta
Clothes here are as not as new as what you see in the malls though the prices are really afforadable and you can still haggle. You can get as much as 80% discount here.

6. Buy generic medicines

pinoy tipid tips - generic medicines
If you are a senior citizen, present your id right away so you can get more discounts.
Generic medicines are definitely cheaper by 25% than those that are branded. The quality may be the same but it’s the price that makes the biggest difference. Imagine how much you can save for a week if you were prescribed 5 tablets per day on generic medicines.

7. Have instant coffee

pinoy tipid tips - jimm's coffee
Jimm’s Coffee is cheaper than what is offered on coffee shops and has health benefits that you can get from Ginseng and Agaricus.
Admit it but prices of coffee on coffee shops are really expensive (around Php120) and most of the those shops do not offer free internet as well. Why don’t you try having a cup of instant coffee at home with family or friends?

8. Stick to the plan

successTry it for at least two weeks. Check yourself if there’s an improvement and how easily you were able to adapt with it. If it did help you, just stick to the plan and wait for my tipid tips part 2.

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