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6 Digital Marketing Ideas to Drive Traffic To Your Website

Let’s say you have a website which has been up for a couple of months but you don’t have an idea how it’s performing nor how to drive more people to it. Take note that the higher relevant traffic on your website, the higher the chance of getting a business. So start thinking of the right ways how to promote your business with these 6 Digital Marketing Ideas.

1. Use an Analytics Tool

digital marketing ideas analytics tool

I’ve been using Google Analytics (derived from Urchin 6) since 2006. It provides me insights not only to know who my audiences are but has also helped me turn those into real results.

Crazy Egg is another option. It allows you to quickly see what particular section of your site your visitors clicked the most. This really helped me when I did an A/B test of different banner layout on my site.

You can thank me later for having any of the tools mentioned above implemented on your website. Remeber that data is very important factor for making a decision.

Google Analytics Crazy Egg

2. Use Social Media Channels

digital marketing ideas social media channels

Everybody knows what and how to use Facebook. Start creating a page for your business, fill up all the information needed and make a social media content calendar as the first step.

Set up your GooglePlus, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and even a LinkedIn account. Plan well if you need to use all but I would suggest that you reserve your social media brand pages before someone else steals it.

Another thing is try to own a hashtag for your brand and use another existing hashtag so you can join their conversation as well.

[info]Fact: Most of the social media users don’t care about the brand. They usually engage on the brand’s product or services. I then suggest that you start posting one post about the brand and 3-4 non-self serving posts. The latter tends to perform better than the former (this is based from my own experience)[/info]

Facebook Google Plus Pinterest Instagram LinkedIn

3. Have Budget? Use Paid Advertising Channels

digital marketing ideas google adwords facebook advertising

Depending on your goals and objectives but you can use Google AdWords and Facebook Business for advertising your products or services to begin with.

If you have Google AdWords, you have to link it to your Google Analytics account and vice versa. This makes it easier to view the data and decide quickly how effective it is.

On Facebook, you can advertise to increase your fan base. You can also use this to bring traffic on the site, and get more people to engage on your post.

Facebook Business Google AdWords

4. Don’t forget to use Email Newsletters

digital marketing ideas newsletter tool

Most of the companies I worked for uses Constant Contact and AWeber as their email marketing software. Just few weeks ago, I was exploring MailChimp.

MailChimp looks better in terms of pricing as it offers “Forever Free” up to 2,000 email newsletter and 12,000 email per month. Rich integration comes as my second reason as it carries good documentation (how to) and extremely simple to use.

Constant Contact offers an excellent amount of support for small businesses. They are available through phone support, chat, email support including community forums.

Constant Contact MailChimp AWeber

5. Got a Video? Upload it on YouTube!

digital marketing ideas youtube

This is no brainer but you definitely have to have an account on YouTube, upload your video and embed it on your site. Share it on your social media pages and even put a link on your newsletter.

How powerful? If you have a good storyboard and a good quality video with a good sense of the message that you want to convey to your customers, then you can get a good engagement in return.


6. Convert your content to a presentation file

digital marketing ideas slideshare scribd

Another websites to share your content are Scribd and Slideshare. These sites are digital libraries where they keep e-books, pdf files, powerpoint presentations and much more. Not only these sites will drive traffic but would also increase awareness of your brand.

SlideShare Scribd

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