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7 Reasons Why Users Shop Online

More and more people prefer to shop online and this has been an upward trend year on year in the Philippines.

Metrodeal made its way to the top around late 2008, the same way how CashCashPinoy did. Zalora and Lazada came in the market around 2011 but has been dominating the e-commerce industry ever since.

I used to wonder why people keep on visiting their favorite e-commerce sites until I realized the 7 reasons why users shop online.

1. Flash Sales

Everyday there is at least 1 new product that is being offered at a high discount rate. Whatever the product is but as long as it is affordable and you can use it, I bet you might consider buying it.

feet her well at takatack
Feet Her Well Flash Sale at Takatack

2. Giveaway Gifts

It feels good whenever somebody gives you something unexpectedly. Few online shops offers rewards or gifts to users who makes a purchase on their site.

sesura fashion online
Sesura loves to give gifts

3. Free Shopping Vouchers

You get a free at least Php250 as a shopping voucher to experience what it is like to buy online. Imagine if you pick a shoes worth Php500, all you have to pay is Php250. You can’t find a good deal as this anywhere and I bet you would shop right away given this chance.

takatack free voucher
Get your FREE Php250 Voucher at Takatack

4. Convenience

You can always access online shops wherever you are, whenever you want. You can even access it using your mobile or desktop as long as you have internet connection.

Foureyes Philippines
Foureyes Philippines is the first online optical store for prescription eyewear in Asia

5. Brands You Love

Most of the brands that you are looking for are already available on some online shops. If you can’t find the product that you want, you can always look and check if the item is available on other brands.

takatack shops
Takatack offers a wide selection of products at least 10,000 items to choose from

6. No Credit Card, No Problem

You read it right pal! To make it convenient for you, online shops offers alternative payment method so you can still purchase the product you want to buy.

Zalora Philippines Shopping
Zalora Philippines offers Cash on Delivery, Bank Deposit and Paypal aside from Credit Card transaction.

7. Free Shipping & Returns

Just when you have purchased an item, all you have to do is wait for your order to arrive. Usually online shops informs their customers nationwide that they can enjoy free shipping on any order of P995 or more.

kada clothing philippines
Kada Clothing offers free shipping and returns but what’s really amazing about this brand is they give 20% of their net profit to their local NGO partner.
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