Your Guide On How To Add Money On Your PayMaya Account Through TouchPay

I think it is safe to say that when you read this post you either just downloaded and registered a PayMaya account or you’ve added money on your account previously using a different channel but trying to explore a new way to load up.

Whatever the case is, there are multiple methods on how you can add money on PayMaya and this post will guide you how to do it through TouchPay. It’s easy, simple and very convenient!

To best experience the full potential of PayMaya, it’s recommended that you add money on your account and you will be enabled to do all the possible transactions such as shopping online, booking flights, buying online games, purchase a telco load, bills payments through your fingertips.

Steps on How to Add Money on PayMaya through TouchPay

  1. Visit a Touchpay kiosk
  2. On the display screen, choose “e-Money” then select “PayMaya” as the service
  3. Type in your 7-digit Add Money Code and desired amount
  4. Insert your cash payment into the machine
  5. For transactions with change, you will be issued a change-receipt PIN found on your receipt
  6. Follow the instructions printed on the receipt to know how to use your change
    for your next TouchPay transaction
  7. Wait for an SMS confirmation before leaving

By the way, the terms Load Up is the same as Add Money. Read the next post of what is Add Money Code

P.S. *Minimum add money amount is Php100

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