PayMaya card enables you to shop in websites and stores where credit or debit cards are accepted

Credit card application in banks requires a lot of document one must comply, it’s very tedious and seriously takes some time before you know you are qualified and eligible to have one. In most cases, these applications are rejected.

Where the problem arises, opportunities keep coming. There’s a huge market gap that needs to be addressed which has a great potential consumer that can be tapped. Later on, PayMaya was born.

The brand was built from the ground up in the Philippines which aims to address the unbanked and the uncarded so that transactions can be done faster, hassle-free, convenient regardless if it’s personal or for business use.

It comes with two types of product, the PayMaya Visa Card and PayMaya Mastercard. Both are available for purchase at PayMaya Store which you can use to pay for the things you love doing like shopping, groceries, restaurant bills and even paying for your car’s fuel at the gas stations.

Buy PayMaya card and it’s benefits

  1. It is a debt-free payment card
  2. It is on prepaid
  3. Adding money on PayMaya is easy
  4. It does not require an application form
  5. Has 100% approval
  6. No annual fees
  7. You can withdraw cash
  8. PayMaya physical card can be used at different establishments in the Philippines and in abroad where a credit card is accepted
  9. The card comes in with a PayWave technology and also available on EMV as well

Once you have a PayMaya physical card, it is a recommended and a must to have the PayMaya app on your phone so you can monitor all your transactions every single time you use it – adding money, withdrawing cash, buying a prepaid load, shopping online, buying of online games like steam and so much more. To make all this possible, you have to understand how to link a PayMaya card to a PayMaya app.

It’s always best to download PayMaya app, create an account and link your PayMaya physical card to be able to see all transactions made for the day. In any case you still want to understand the product better, check what is PayMaya

PayMaya Reviews

Lance Almond
This app defines ‘paperless’ money to a whole new level! I use this app for bills payment and easy load transactions which is very convenient since I don’t have to go outside to buy in stores or have to wait in long lines. One suggestion tho, I hope they enable fingerprint scan for the quick login.

Alphard Tabil
an app that can potentially rival better than Gcash of course. if coins not accepted I use Paymaya 🏄 thanks for your fast response and support with my transactions

Karen C
I’ve been using Paymaya since 2015. I must say it’s very convenient (for me) since I’m using it for online games, shopping online (with % vouchers), etc. So far I haven’t in counter some major “headaches” from this app (hopefully I don’t have to experience it in the near future)

Rubiiick Graaand
PayMaya is really nifty, it helped me a lot especially for gaming (at least for me). I use to ask my brother to use his debit card to buy things online like games and souvenirs, Now I don’t have to hustle him because of PayMaya!

Vince Ducut
I have been using this app ever since I have been on iOS. It’s very convenient because I don’t have a credit/debit card, hence I used to be unable to make online purchases and the like. Now, those problems have been alleviated.

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