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Smart Communications FAQ

Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications) and is the Philippines’ leading wireless services provider with 72 million cellular and broadband subscribers as of end 2014.

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digital marketing course philippines
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Does a Digital Marketing Course Matter? Everything evolves over time. Before, companies solely based their sales and response over the newspaper or magazine, whereas today, more businesses are getting into gear with the ways of the Internet.

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Zalora Online Fever Sale with PayMaya
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ZALORA’s biggest sale, 12.12 Online Fever is back and the temperature has just gotten a notch higher just in time for the holidays! Offering huge discounts of up to 80% on both local and international brands, ZALORA’s great deals exclusively available on December 12 will surely make your Christmas shopping a whole lot easier and not to mention, more affordable!

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microsoft excel worksheet

You might already be frustrated and I am sure you are reading my post right now finding an answer on how to unprotect excel spreadsheet. I experienced the same thing and today I will share you how I was able to hack a protected excel workbook in 3 easy steps.

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PayMaya - Instant Visa Virtual Credit Card Philippines

A lot of the things we want to buy today are usually online, and worse, purchasable only through credit card. For most of us who don’t have their own credit cards, that means borrowing from parents or friends.

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unlimited free uber ride manila

I tried to decode and hacked every way I know to get free uber rides but only this trick is successful enough to let me get at least two (2) free rides a day and it does not need a mobile verification to make it happen.

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Philippine Airlines myPAL app
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Did you know that searching and booking a flight is just a tap away using your smartphone? Philippine Airlines just made our lives easier with their myPAL mobile application!

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Voyager Innovations Employees

If you step into the office of Voyager Innovations in Ortigas, you could easily think you are in the heart of Silicon Valley. This effect is intentional.

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Talk2 offers FREE 10 mins call

As soon as I was able to get back to my desk, I saw a missed call from an unknown Smart mobile number. I tried to call back (I’m using a regular load) and was not able to connect.

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Digital Marketing Ideas Philippine Market
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Let’s say you have a website which has been up for a couple of months but you don’t have an idea how it’s performing nor how to drive more people to it. Take note that the higher relevant traffic on your website, the higher the chance of getting a business.

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