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Does a digital marketing course matter?

Does a Digital Marketing Course Matter?

Everything evolves over time. Before, companies solely based their sales and response over the newspaper or magazine, whereas today, more businesses are getting into gear with the ways of the Internet.

This is due to the digital environment being a greater tool to get connected with your target market or audience. With traditional mass media being replaced with online marketing via emails and social networking sites, the latter is shown as a necessity for everyday connectivity, and better effectiveness in marketing according to the graph (which is part of an infographic) as seen from Adecco below.

outbound and inbound marketing

Hence, the need for professional Digital Marketers is a must. Even if you’ve completed your degree in BS Advertising or BS Marketing, you still need to cope with the times of today, and utilize the vast resources that the Internet has to offer.

Is a Digital Marketing Certification Worth it?

There are a few online marketing courses available here in the Philippines now. The best ones would be those that can give you not only the basics of online marketing but also give specializations like the following:

  1. Social Media Marketing – Focuses on the track of designing social media blueprints for an engaging product campaign and brand voice, understanding tools and evaluating social media strategies using data to support one’s optimization strategy, and gets what it means to build a great and responsive online community.
  2. Digital Marketing Analytics – Trains one on action with regards to information and analytics derived from digital marketing campaigns.
  3. CRM and Ecommerce Marketing – Gives techniques on how to combine powerful e-commerce initiatives with great and effective customer relationship management strategies and email marketing plans, among others.

digital marketing diploma philippines

You may think otherwise about getting a proper Digital Marketing certification, especially with the extra expenses needed for the program, or maybe because you’d think that a degree in marketing is enough. After all, a certification or diploma is just proof of the knowledge you hold—not necessarily the knowledge itself.

But really, digital marketing courses are more of an investment rather than expense. You need to stay current with the marketing field and learn from the innovative experts to stay valuable, especially when seeking employment.

More often than not, college courses fall a little short with relation to modern marketing strategies. With a digital marketing certification, you can get ahead of the competition and assure yourself that you can advance your current position, or better yet, be prepared to take new opportunities when they arise.

Getting a digital marketing certification can also help you boost your own business. According to an article in Inquirer, “Content marketing by itself and in tandem with social media marketing allows businesses to connect with customers on a deeper level. Through articles, blog posts, photos, or videos, brands can cultivate relationships with their customers and even influence their purchasing habits.”

If you know the ins and outs of digital marketing (of which content marketing is part), you won’t have to rely much on the traditional ways that actually costs more, yet is less effective in reaching lots of possible markets.

With clients and companies seeking professionalism at every level, they would look over your certifications aside from your degrees earned, and seek out your specializations to better utilize your skill set for their business.

Aside from improving your employment odds and helping you achieve your long-term career goals, getting a Digital Marketing certification also allow you to expand your knowledge and skills, and innovate the possible ways to connect with your target market via online marketing.

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