Even sunshine burns sometimes and this is why

April 22 – This was the day I told Mommy Vangie and Tito Nestor that I will be going to Berlin, Germany for Rocket Internet training on April 26 and will tour around Europe after that. Mom gently smiled then suddenly told me “I thought what you’ll say is you’ll propose to Kathy already” so I replied no Ma, not yet but will happen soon! This was our last conversation.

Training was already over in Berlin and my adventure in Europe stared. I visited three cities in Poland before coming to Prague, Czech Republic. I was safe and really enjoying my Europe trip when suddenly I got a Facebook message from my siblings that Mom and Tito had a car accident going to Majayjay, Laguna. I got worried and immediately sent Mommy a message via Facebook “Ma, i heard about the accident from ate. I hope it is nothing really serious. Please get well soon together with tito.”

Message to Vangie Escobillo

The next message I got was Tito Nestor passed away already (May 3, 2015) and Mommy was initially declared in critical condition. I am unsure of what happened in betweens but they said Mom was in real pain and put a good fight for her life but didn’t make it as well. She died on May 4, 2015.

It was shocking and it freaked me out. I wish to go back to Manila from Prague asap after learning all those unfortunate incidents as I no longer have a reason to stay in Europe to enjoy my trip. Too bad KLM Airlines did not have a slot to accommodate me on my selected schedules. I instead continued traveling to Netherlands and stayed until 7th of May.

May 8, 2015 at 10pm, after 16 hours flight I am finally in Manila! Although I still have jetlag, no matter how tired I was, I still insisted to be at Mommy’s wake.

During my trip, I took photos of landmarks of each city of each country with a photo of them. I did it to show them that wherever I go, you are also with me. It’s just that these photos do not make sense anymore because they won’t be able to see it.

Family and Friends Sang for Mommy

Evangeline Crisostomo Escobillo is not my biological mother but I’ve been calling her Mommmy. She’s actually the sister of my Mom, Carmelita Crisostomo Isles. She welcomed my siblings and I to her family and opened her home to us we became orphan in 1993.

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