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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. A Filipino Growth Marketer real-life story.

After college graduation, It took me 6 months before I was able to get the job that I really wanted – a multimedia specialist and a web designer. The road to achieving my goal was not easy. I had to go from one city to another, entered every building, visited floor by floor, and I kept knocking on each company door to ask for a vacancy on the post I am looking for.

I had at least 30 resumé with me every single day whenever I go for a job hunt and enough money to cover my transportation and food for the whole day. 1 out of 20 companies that I would apply for would have a vacancy for multimedia or for a web design post. Unfortunately, those that have vacancies would look for experienced professionals rather than a fresh graduate. The most intriguing and frustrating part were moments when my portfolio was being criticized and my abilities were questioned.

I came from a University where there were only a handful of students who know how to make multimedia animation, design and build websites. I considered myself as one of those few students who excelled on that field.

That situation allowed me to reflect and come to a realization that I am already in the corporate world where the competition for talent is real and overwhelming.

I took 5 steps backward. Revisited my life goals then worked on a concrete plan to make it happen. I also used the feedback on my portfolio and my abilities as my primary driver to become better and be motivated. While I was sharpening my skills, I kept moving forward. And this is where everything started.

Today, I am a Hybrid Marketer at VYGR Digital Agency under Voyager Innovations who is hyper-focused on Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing, and Analytics with a plan not only to make brands/products scale up and successful but to continuously build a team of modern digital performance marketers.

Voyager Innovations is an innovative technology and a digital marketing arm of the leading telco in the Philippines namely Smart Communications and PLDT.

Here’s a piece of advice

Start with a vision and be clear with your goal. Turn that into action. So work harder, smarter, and longer than everyone else and you will end up where you want to be.

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