Qualifications and Requirements You Need Know To Become A Financial Advisor in the Philippines

One of the most inspiring career choices one can make is to become a successful Financial Advisor in the Philippines. This job enables you to become an instrument helping Filipinos achieve financial independence status.

Achieve financial independence means guiding Filipinos to make wise and smart financial decisions as they experience the different journey across their life stages.

Financial Consultant Qualifications

  • College Graduate
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Trainable and Coachable
  • Willing to attend meetings and training
  • Have mobility funds for laptop, smartphone, licensing, etc.
  • Will not relocate abroad nor outside Metro Manila
  • Sales experience is an advantage but not required

Full-time Financial Advisor Application Requirements

  • Willing to learn and to be trained
  • Driven, Coachable and has a Positive Work Mindset
  • Willing to attend training and meetings
  • Willing to go out to meet and service clients
  • Ambitious, with the drive to succeed in life
  • With good values and high ethical standards (mandatory)
  • High integrity (mandatory)
  • Growth-Oriented and has a Strong sense of Commitment
  • Persistent
  • Sales background not necessary but a big plus
  • People person
  • Life Insurance believer
  • Good credit standing (mandatory)

Part-Time Financial Advisor Application Requirements

  • Preferably with a flexible working schedule
  • Willingness to attend branch meetings, unit meetings and special meetings 1-3 times a month (willingness to sacrifice vacation and/or sick leaves)
  • Willing to sacrifice evenings and weekends for clients and business meetings
  • Must achieve sales quota (sales quota the same with full-timers)
  • With an intention to go full time in the future
  • If working for the government, a written certification from your division head that you are allowed to become a part-time financial advisor

How To Apply To Become a Financial Advisor?

Talk to a financial advisor

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