How to have FREE calls and additional SMS to the Philippines

On my previous post, I summarize what is Talk2 and use of it (see it here: Free Call and Free SMS to the Philippines Using Talk2). Now, I’d like to share you how to have FREE Calls and additional SMS to the Philippine wherever you are in the world so you can communicate to your loved ones back home endlessly.

Remember, the first step is to download Talk2 the app for FREE on Google Play Store and on iTunes App Store.

Second step is to complete your registration by selecting your country and entering your mobile number (may it be your local number abroad or your roaming SIM). Once your done, you’ll receive your verification code to continue using the app. Enter the verification code and you’ll automatically receive FREE 100 SMS.

On Talk2 app, go to the VOUCHER menu and enter the pin code “ILOVETALK2” to activate 5 minutes of free calls and additional 300 SMS. That’s the third step.

Fourth step is by navigating to the INVITE menu on the app. You’ll see your Talk2 member code there which you can share on your social media accounts, email or even of instant messaging tools. If a friend used your Talk2 member code, you and your friend will be rewarded with additional 5 minutes of free calls plus 500 SMS! Cool, right?!

So start sharing your Talk2 member code to your friends today!

P.S. This only applies to users who don’t have Talk2 app yet on their phones. Also, only Smart and Talk n Text networks are currently supported at this time.

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