Free Call and Free SMS to the Philippines Using Talk2

Many Filipino families and friends today live far from each other and encounter a number of problems when they try to reach each other.

Right now, Filipinos abroad can call their loved ones back home with their smartphones but cannot reach them anymore when they aren’t online.

At the same time, families and friends at home can’t reach their loved ones abroad if they aren’t online.

Why keep missing the moments you need with each other when you can be called and texted as if you are at home?

Introducing Talk2, the free mobile app that lets Filipinos abroad be called and texted at Philippine rates, as if you are at home!

Talk2 gives you your own unique and permanent Philippine number so your family and friends in the Philippines can call and text you at domestic rates.

There’s no need for you to have a second phone or a Philippine SIM with roaming. Just use your own phone and download Talk2 app for FREE on Google Play Store and on iTunes App Store.

To register, just select your country and enter your mobile number.

You will receive your own Talk2 number which you can use to call your loved ones at the most affordable rates, and enjoy free unlimited texting to the Philippines per month.

With your Talk2 number, your loved ones will now be able to call and text you as if you are at home!

Never miss another moment to talk to each other. Watch the video here:

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