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LTO Student Permit License Application Requirements for Filipino Citizens

An LTO student permit license is the prerequisite document when one applies for a driver’s license. This authorizes the holder to learn and practice driving in the presence of a licensed driver.

To start applying, best to start finding the nearest LTO office in your area and be familiar with the place. Be there before 7 in the morning and bring food and water with you as it will surely be a long queue of applicants. Don’t forget to bring money too for the fees you have to pay.

LTO Student Permit and License Qualifications

To apply for a student license, you should be able to meet all three qualifications below:

  • At least 17 years old
  • Physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle
  • Able to read and write in Filipino or English

LTO Student Permit License Requirements 2018*

If you have met all the qualifications mentioned above, you now have to prepare for all the needed documents to jumpstart your student license application at the nearest LTO office near your place.

  • Original and photocopy of birth certificate**
  • If employed, Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)
  • A filled out application for driver’s license (ADL) – Download it here

*Applicants not yet 18 years old need a parent’s or guardian’s written consent with a photocopy of an ID card as proof of identity. If a parent or guardian is not present, the written consent must be notarized.

Steps On How To Get an LTO Student Permit License

Because you are already qualified to get a student’s permit and you’ve also prepared for all the requirements needed to continue for your application, now it’s time for the actual process of obtaining your first student’s permit license. See the steps below to guide you properly when inside the LTO office.

  • Go to the Customer Service Counter to get your checklist of requirements and secure a Driver’s License Application Form
  • Get a queue number
  • When your number is called, go to the evaluator counter and submit all the required documents to have it checked for completeness and authenticity
  • When your name is called, go to where your photo and signature will be taken
  • Go to the cashier to pay the fees and to obtain an official receipt (OR)
  • Proceed to the releasing counter with the OR and claim the student driver’s permit

LTO Student Permit License Fee

Fees and charges Amount in Php
Student Permit fee ₱150.00
Application fee ₱100
Computer fee ₱67.63
Total ₱317.63

An LTO Student Permit has a one year validity period. This gives you ample time to hone and practice your driving skills, learn the road signs and traffic rules, and prepare for the LTO Driving Test.

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