Is Morning The Best Time To Drink Coffee?

We all know that caffeine is really addictive. One reason of it is caffeine interacts with our body’s rhythm which regulates when we sleep and eat in interesting ways.

8 out 10 of my friends drink coffee in the morning and half of it admitted that they drink coffee at least twice a day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning blunts the energy-boosting effects of caffeine and may lead to increased tolerance of the stimulant. Cool, right?!

best time to drink coffee
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According to science, the best time to drink coffee is..

Our body works on a rhythm and is guided by what is known as our circadian clock. It actually tells us to wake, eat and do other variety of things. That rhythm is called “Cortisol” which makes you feel alert and awake.
coffee cicadian clock

By consuming caffeine when it is not needed, your body will build to a faster tolerance to it, and the buzz you get from it will greatly diminish.

coffee cortisol

So, if you find yourself in need to boost your alertness, try to drink coffee after your cortisol levels have dropped which happens a few times a day. Refer to the schedule below:

coffee best time to drink

Now enjoy your cup of coffee!

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