ice candy millionaire from a 20 pesos investment

Who says that a dreamer cannot make anything happen? This couple just proved those people wrong! This is the story of a couple from Antipolo City, Philippines whose life and fortune changed just because of selling Ice Candy at Php20 investment only. Facebook Comments

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How Manny Pacquiao Outboxed Floyd Mayweather and Won the Fight

My family and friends watched the fight, and everybody thought that Mayweather won. I was able to catch the replay and even searched for it on YouTube only to find out Manny Pacquiao won the fight considering that he has a shoulder injury prior to the fight. Facebook Comments

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6 Important Points To Consider When Hiring a Yaya in the Philippines

It is a norm and a necessity for many to hire yaya in the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila where parents spend more time at work than at home to make a living. Facebook Comments

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Philippine Airlines Promo Domestic Flights Mobile Site
Digital MarketingLifePhilippinesTravel

Planning for a domestic trip this March? Hey Travel PALs, Philippine Airlines (PAL) offers 20% discount on domestic flights until February 15, 2015 when you use your MasterCard. Travel period is until March 20, 2015. Facebook Comments

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pinoy tipid tips

Just like anybody else, I told myself that I will start saving money this year so I can use that savings for an investment, for a planned trip somewhere or merely just saving it for something. Facebook Comments

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Digital Marketing Ideas Philippine Market
AnalyticsBusinessDigital MarketingPhilippinesTechnology

Let’s say you have a website which has been up for a couple of months but you don’t have an idea how it’s performing nor how to drive more people to it. Take note that the higher relevant traffic on your website, the higher the chance of getting a business. Facebook Comments

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MMA iunjuries: Broken Nose

Mixed Martial Arts is a very physical sport that has been legal for half a decade now in the United States and more than a decade now across the globe. One of the injuries a fighter does not want to have is a broken nose and it has been usual to see someone to have it every fight night. Facebook Comments

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nba funny players during game

NBA is not just about winning basketball games because there are also funny moments happening during each game. So, I decided to compile all these hilarious and other awkward photos including that of the past seasons. Facebook Comments

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Talk2 Get Rewarded

It is now easy to contact your loved ones back home with FREE Calls and FREE SMS using Talk2. Here’s how you can get free calls and additional SMS: Facebook Comments

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FREE calls and additional SMS to the Philippines

On my previous post, I summarize what is Talk2 and use of it (see it here: Free Call and Free SMS to the Philippines Using Talk2). Now, I’d like to share you how to have FREE Calls and additional SMS to the Philippine wherever you are in the world so you can communicate to your loved ones back home endlessly. Facebook Comments

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