Battle of Androids - Gingerbread versus Ice Cream Sandwich

This 2012, there are two newest and the best so far, Android Gingerbread and Android Ice Cream Sandwich. However, read the blogpost to see what the Android Ice Cream has to bring on the table

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Yes, you know that Google Analytics is Free. As soon as you start tracking your website with Analytics you will see a lot of benefits using it, here are the reasons why: Facebook Comments

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philippine tax calculator

Taxes aren’t fun. Fixing and working on it is not as enjoyable as you think. Lately, I have been researching how employers compute my income tax and then I realized I can do it myself. Facebook Comments

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Funny Taxi Names in Metro Manila Philippines

I noticed that we, Filipinos love to play around with the name of the business we like to have. Some plays around with the popular foreign business names like Mang Donalds (McDonalds) and Caintacky Fried Chicken (Kentucky Friend Chicken) and some just like to have a unique and catchy business names. Facebook Comments

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Would it not be nice if you are able to know how your customers found your website, what they did on your website and if they took an action you think seems to be really valuable? With Google Analytics, you can, for FREE! The ability to get to better understand your customers is one of the greatest perks of doing business online. Google Analytics delivers THE WHO, THE WHAT and THE WHY. In just few days, after your tracking script is integrated on your website, you can have your first insights ready. Every business can benefit from Google Analytics tool.

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19 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools Revealed
AnalyticsDigital MarketingTechnology

There are lots of social media platforms nowadays and many wondered (including me) what would be the best tool to monitor all social media efforts we have done for our sites or our client’s sites. I have been using different tools to monitor my social media activities but each tool gives me different results and some are not budget-friendly. Same goes with Social Media Managers, Agency Professionals, Community Managers and Constants. Facebook Comments

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Gandang Gabi Vice - Loonie versus Vice Ganda Fliptop Battle

Fliptop fans will surely like the one on one battle between Loonie and Vice Ganda as part of Gandang Gabi Vice episode in ABS-CBN with Puting Kalabaw as the host. Facebook Comments

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I have never been a big fan of movies until I watched the movie “Taken” starring Liam Neeson. The movie is full pack of action and suspense. I pick this movie as my top choice of all. Facebook Comments

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3 Best Dance Choreographies of Brian Puspos

One of the things I like to do is Dancing. Everytime I hear a beat of music it makes my body wants to follow how the beat goes just like how Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake and Brian Puspos does it. Brian Puspos is a member of SoReal Cru of ABDC (Americas’s Best Dance Crew) Season 2 and now part of the group called Architekz. Facebook Comments

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Copywriting is the most challenging task for a web designer

was hired as a Multimedia Specialist on my first job. I pursued to become a Web Designer on my second job and later on I became the lead of my own team. Currently, I am working as a remote Search Marketing Associate Consultant. One of my roles is to contribute a write up on our blog and make copy amendments on our client’s websites. Facebook Comments

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