You Wouldn’t Believe The Reasons Why Filipinos Want to Live and Work Overseas

Everyday there are thousands of Filipinos leave the Philippines as migrants or to work. It is common to see Pinoys in countries such as the Middle East, United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan.

Each one of us has a reason why we go and work abroad. As for me it was the curiousity that got me to Singapore and at the same time I’d like compare how my skills set were compared to my Singaporean colleagues. However, others have different reasons why they chose to work abroad and the following could be the main issues why they decided to do it:

High Unemployment Rate in the Philippines

filipino overseas unemployment rate philippines
Looking for a job especially straight from college is not easy. Lucky to those who got absorbed from their On-the-job training especially if they like what they are doing. In my case, it took me six months to land a job that I really want and be good at.

I remember I had to experience going to Ortigas and Makati every other day to apply for work. I’d go building to building, floor by floor, and knock on each door to ask if they have job vacancy for the skills set I have. You might wonder why I did it but the truth is if you lived in the era where you have to buy ISP Bonanza cards just to connect to the internet, you’d understand where I am coming from.

Better Salary and Benefits

filipino overseas better compensation package and perks
If you already have work experiences, employers can offer you at least twice and as much as quadruple of your salary plus amazing perks. Imagine living in a foreign soil, you meet different nationalities with different culture and work in a fast-paced environment, I would say that’s golden!

Employers Prefer Applicants From Top Universities & Colleges

filipino overseas philippines top universitites
Let’s admit it most of the employers look at the educational background of an applicant. It’s always an advantage if you graduated from the top universities and/or colleges in the Philippines. Imagine a situation where you compete with applicants applying for the same job but who graduated from University of the Philippines, Ateneo, La Salle and you are from a not-so-popular college campus or universities? Would you have a chance to get a shot at it?

Believe it or not but I have submitted my resume to hundreds of possible employers but few would invite me for an interview. I treated every invite as an opportunity and my last shot to get the post I want but the feedback that I would always hear is “we will call you back”. It keeps breaking my heart everytime I hear those words but I didn’t stop and treated it as a personal challenge that one day these companies will eventually need me and surely “will call me back”

Family Influence and Peer Pressure

filipino overseas peer pressure
Did your parents tell you how great it is to work abroad because the son or daughter of their friend has been earning well and they have a good life already because of the employment abroad? Or let’s say a friend of yours have been sharing you stories how lovely the compensation package and the perks working abroad, would you not be enticed?

The Personal Dream Ever

filipino overseas better personal dream ever
They say if you have a dream, go and get it. You’ve seen yourself living and working abroad since you were a child perhaps influenced with what you saw on the television, movies and even on the internet.

Being The Bread Winner

filipino overseas bread winner
Sometimes you just have no choice but to put your family first before your own interest. For that you have to sacrifice and risk working overseas just to support them.

Government Fully Supports OFWs

filipino overseas worker talk2 caregiver
To date Overseas Filipino Workers have better health and insurance coverage than before and this is a good way for the government to encourage our fellow Pinoys to apply for a work abroad.

Career Advancement and Marketability

carlo isles filipino overseas career advancement berlin rocket internet
Being part and exposed on how the first world country operates their business is an exciting thing. Dealing with their culture is another. Experiences and learning you’ve garnered through time abroad is priceless.

Things Are Getting Hopeless Each Day

filipino overseas lack of security and infrastracture
Keyword is “Bad Experiences” in the Philippines. It is always traffic everywhere, few rains and streets are flooded again, never ending corruption, increasing unemployment rate, lack of public support for local entrepreneurs, lack of security and infrastructure, and many more.

Just Simply a Trend

filipino overseas workers trend
You simply do not want to be left behind. You want to be on the greener side of the mountain and just want to be successful as others so you try to look for a job and say goodbye to the Philippines.

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