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SEO Service Agreement Guide: Key Components and Elements You Need To Know To Get Started

Filipino Growth Hackers & Digital Marketers, Carlo Isles and Charlie Dela Cruz lay out their foundation for developing a search engine optimization or SEO service agreement guide that’s fair, clear, and mutually beneficial.

If you are an agency or simply a consultant that offers digital marketing services, having a client contract is very important. Simply put it this way, a contract is an agreement between two parties about the work to be done. For some people, it can be intimidating and this post will assist you how to create a good one without a sweat.

Essentially, that’s all a contract is: a documented mutual understanding. A good contract sets expectations and keeps them clear. This will protect both parties in the future.

For this case, you are offering a Search Engine Optimization as a service where the scope of work is constantly changing, how can you achieve the expectations of your client? This guide will help you develop a sample SEO contract template.

Keep the top line scope

Most of the time Search Engines’ algorithm keeps on changing. It’s controlled by the bots, crawlers or sometimes called spiders, and they are getting smarter through time. The value of your work this week will surely be different from next week and next month.

A good example of this was using “Google Authorship” as part of their previous contract for a client. Little did they know, it’s no longer available and already obsolete. So, instead of being too specific of the tasks, you can use the three major aspects of SEO which are On-Page, Off-Page and Technical.

Keep in mind that the contract’s purpose is to create a mutual understanding and set expectations of work to be performed.
sample seo contract agreement philippines

Protect Your Intellectual Property and Preventing Hiring Your Staff

The client appreciates your work because you’ve delivered what was promised. You’ve done an incredible and a fantastic job. You’re firm or team is a rockstar!

However, your client decided to hire an in-house digital marketer specifically an SEO specialist. One of your colleagues was approached by your client to join their team. This will surely be unfair to your part. Not only you will lose a client but you will also lose an employee.

When you create your SEO service agreement, consider adding a clause that prevents the client from hiring your staff conceivably a year. This happens a lot in the services industry.

Thoroughly examine your contract by a lawyer

Nothing beats this.

As mentioned earlier, the contract is the mutual understanding of services to be performed, but occasionally, the client may disagree with you that services have been rendered according to the letter of the contract. In those cases, you might get sued, and that’s when a well-written contract (and your attorney) is your best ally.

A well-written, airtight contract will help you protect you and your business should situations devolve into lawsuits. So have a lawyer thoroughly examine your contract or even write it for you to ensure that you’ve covered not only the considerations I’ve listed in this post but also other issues that I’ve not covered, such as how the breach of contract will be handled.

Don’t be afraid to say no

When someone approaches you and gives you a flyer about buying a condominium, often times you ignore or politely say no.

You can also do that do a client. Don’t be afraid to say no. Learn how to win some battles and lose some battles, and that’s all okay. Many fear of losing their clients and take their business elsewhere. If you cave to every small request a client would ask, you could set yourself and your company up for financial and resource challenges.

Keep in mind what really matters the most to you. Think about what helps keep your business running smoothly. Stand for yourself and fiercely defend those clauses in your contract.
seo service contract - say no

Have some sample SEO contract template ideas to share? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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