Did You Know That You Can Now Shop Online Even Without A Credit Card?

A lot of the things we want to buy today are usually online, and worse, purchasable only through credit card. For most of us who don’t have their own credit cards, that means borrowing from parents or friends.This takes a great deal of hassle and time to tell them what we want, convince them to buy it, and pay for it after.

But in these days, for every 21st-century problem we have, there’s usually an app that can solve it. In this case, it’s called PayMaya, a free app that gives users a virtual reloadable Visa card. Wew, what a mouthful. Let’s try to break that down.

Account Number, Expiry date, CVV

All you need to shop online: Account Number, Expiry date, CVV.


Once you download the app and register with a mobile number, the app assigns unique card details to each user – the same details that you see on credit cards. All mobile numbers are accepted: Smart, Sun, TnT, Globe, prepaid, postpaid. The only limit right now is that it has to be a Philippine number.

So to buy online, you have to open your app, check your card details, and enter them on the checkout or payment page of the store.


Before you buy online, you need to load up your PayMaya first (you’ll notice your balance on the home page of the app is P0.00).

To load up, you must visit a PayMaya Load-Up Center. Load-Up Centers are located at selected train stations (MRT & LRT) and at the Smart Jump Store at SM Megamall starting October 5. Just present the mobile number you used to register, and the load-up amount in cash.


Once you’ve loaded up, you’ll see your new balance on the app and get an SMS notification about the transaction. Now you can use your PayMaya to shop online from any Visa-accepting store.

For those who want the physical card, you can purchase it at the same Load-Up venues. The physical card allows online shopping, swiping in mall stores and restaurants, and riding the LRT/MRT lines. You’ll still need the app to activate the card for usage, and check your balance.

I’ve recently tried PayMaya, and I’ve already bought Kindle books from Amazon, games from Steam, and boxing classes from Metrodeal. Right now, I’m most excited about the Load-Up venues coming soon at 7-Eleven, SM & Robinson’s Business Centers. Since those stores are everywhere, it’ll make loading up easier for everyone.

Curious? Try it out and Download the app!
Google Play Store for Android
App Store for iOS users

To learn more on how to buy online even without a credit card, visit their website, and stay tuned for the latest updates!

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