Smart Communications Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications) and is the Philippines’ leading wireless services provider with 72 million cellular and broadband subscribers as of end 2014.

What is Smart Communications Vision?

Lead and Inspire Filipinos to Create a Better Tomorrow.

What is Smart Communications Mission?

Empower Filipinos everywhere with customer-focused digital innovations that unlock and share their infinite potential.

What are Smart Communications Principles?

Accountability – We shall take full responsibility for all our business decisions, actions/inactions, and conduct, and shall perform our duties and functions with utmost responsibility, integrity, honesty, loyalty and efficiency. We are accountable to the Company and its stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders and business partners) all of whom we vow to serve to the best of our ability.

Integrity – We shall act righteously, morally, and legally. We shall uphold the simple truth ‘honesty is the best policy’ and endeavor to act under the highest standards of ethics.
Fairness – We shall uphold the value of justice and fair play amongst everyone we deal with, both internally and externally, striving always to look for a win-win situation.

Transparency – We shall uphold the value of truthfulness in everything we do coupled with the quality of being open to scrutiny as we provide and disclose accurate material information in a timely manner.

What are Smart Communications Core Values?

  1. Deliver awesome customer experiences
  2. Take care of our people
  3. Collaborate to win
  4. Fast is better than perfect
  5. Malasakit
  6. Humility to listen and learn>

What are Smart Communications Services?

  1. Smart Enterprise
  2. Smart World
  3. Smart Satellite
  4. Smart Entertainment
  5. Smart Perks

What are the products of Smart?

  1. Smart Prepaid
  2. Smart Postpaid
  3. Smart Broadband
  4. Smart Infinity

What can I buy on Smart Online Store?

  1. Phones
  2. Devices
  3. Accessories
  4. Phone Plans
  5. Bro Plans
  6. Plan Renewal
  7. Packages
  8. eLoad

Jobs and Careers at Smart Telecommunication

Join Smart and make a smarter change today! Smart currently in need of people in the following department:

Technology – Get inside the playground of the latest innovations! Be front in line to design, develop and deliver the newest trends in technology. With your vast understanding of the workings of tech, take part in a team that produces and powers our tools and systems.

Engineering – Get your hands on up-to-date tools and technologies! Develop your skills as you train with our experts in the field of engineering. Increase your know-how on database, systems, network administration, business process analysis and a lot more.

Marketing – Take pride in sustaining market leadership! Develop groundbreaking, creative and fun ideas with an exceptional team of talents. Help strengthen the organization’s image with a trailblazing career that makes a difference in the lives of millions.

Customer Interfacing – Be a key provider of remarkable client-servicing! Take the challenge – delighting the customers is part of our one-stop shop. Learn to give answers, close sales and offer solutions to customers through call-outs or face-to-face interactions!

Corporate Support – Be the best business professional that you can be! Share our commitment and vision of becoming the leader in the business. Discover the exciting world of corporate and bring your skills to the test as you join our roster of driven individuals.

Student Opportunities – Learn the ropes of corporate world with Smart’s OJT program! Immerse yourself in a fun, learning environment. Hone your talents and put your academic skills to use as you join our team and learn newfound competencies.

What is Smart Prepaid

Smart Prepaid is one of Smart products which a subscriber will only pay for a service she would like to consume or use for a duration of time. A user needs to have a load to enable her to subscribe to any of the consumable services such as unlimited SMS, unlimited Call and even subscribing on a mobile data such as Giga Surf 50.

What is Smart Postpaid

Smart Postpaid is one of Smart products or often called a Postpaid Plan. A subscriber pays a fixed base amount on a monthly basis. If the user exceeds the allowed minutes of call and sms, it will be billed on top of the her plan. When a user subscribes for a plan, she is eligible to receive a handy phone with a lock-in period of at least 24 months or 2 years.

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