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how to get umid id requirements philippines

The Philippine government launched a powerful product that enables SSS, GSIS, PagIBIG, PhilHealth transactions into a single card called Unified Multi-purpose ID or more known as UMID.

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How to apply for SSS ID Philippines

If you have been an active member of SSS for a couple of years already or have at least one month contribution payment, you can already apply for an SSS ID.

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What is SSS in the Philippines

The Philippine Social Security System (SSS) was founded in 1957 which is a social insurance program for employees in the Philippines. SSS is a goverment agency that provides health and retirement benefits to all paid up employees in the country. All SSS members can make a calamity or salary loans anytime. Calamity loans can be availed for times when the government declared an area where the SSS member lives is affected by flood, hit by an earthquake and experienced a natural disaster. Salary loans on the other hand would depend on the monthly salary of the employee.

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