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All I want to do is help businesses to improve their web visibility and get increase their profits with the digital marketing services I offer such as:

Google Analytics Service
Google Analytics shows you how you all the data that you need for your website. The data is useful for you to be able to assess the improvements you need to make on your website and able to see what sources of traffic (I often call it “channels”) brings you more interaction and what aren’t to your customers.

Here’s what I usually do:

  • Analytics Account Setup
  • Report: Overall Website Engagement
  • Report: Marketing Channel Report

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Paid Online Advertisements
If you are looking for a quick way to increase your website traffic, get email sign ups or mobile app downloads, I suggest you use Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. You should not miss this two powerful ad platform tools to use as part of your Digital Marketing strategy.

How does Search Engine Marketing (SEM) work?
When users type a query or search terms on GOOGLE, GOOGLE displays all the most relevant results on the first page. Your ad will appear either on the Top of the Organic results and/or on the right panel with light yellow background with the words “Sponsored Ads” on the top.

How does Google Display Network (GDN) work?
GDN ads are images with different sizes that appears on websites that allows Google ads. Straight Display ads can be an image or text based where you can target topics, placement and interests. ReMarketing on the other hand is the best way to remind your previous visitors to make an action whether they have to buy a product, sign up for a sales newsletter or even to remind them that they forgot to download a brochure.

How does Facebook Ads work?
Everybody has a Facebook Account, most users tends to check their FB than their emails. Imagine how big the audience would be if you promote your product via Facebook. Ads could be seen on the desktop and mobile newsfeed, and on the right column as well.

Here’s what I usually do:

  • AdWords & Facebook Account Setup
  • Adwords & Facebook Account Management including Optimization
  • Set Budget Allocation
  • Provides Marketing Channel Report

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Website Design & Development
I create design with sensibility and the ability to create a lot of on-target solutions to any given problem. I also bring the expertise needed for successful visual communication to create and maintain a professional appearance online and user-friendly website. Websites can be in Static (HTML) or in Content Management System (CMS) using WordPress

Here’s what I usually do:

  • Corporate Style Website
  • Blog Style Website
  • Magazine Style Website
  • Event Registration Website

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Website Hosting
Speed and Uptime are the two most important factors in Web Hosting. Choosing your right web host provider is critical to the success of your website. I am happy to offer you my Everything Unlimited.

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