PayMaya is a digital product designed for the unbanked and uncarded

The number of credit card holders in the Philippines is very low, perhaps at 3.5% of the eligible population in the country. Many would apply for a credit card which requires them to fill-up numerous forms and upon submission, they have to wait for two to three months before they would know if they got approved. Many would get disapproved.

Given that situation, it opened an opportunity for Voyager Innovations to come up with an idea and that’s when PayMaya was born. It is a digital product designed for the unbanked and the uncarded especially for the young people who are excited to participate in the digital economy – online shopping, booking a flight, subscribing to the likes of Spotify, buying a steam credit and much more.

What is PayMaya?

Having PayMaya will enable you to make a fast, secure, and hassle-free payments for personal and business use. For the personal use, it’s really addressing those who are uncarded and unbanked.

To get started, you may download the app on Play Store for Android and on iTunes for iOS users. Registration is easy too. Just leave your name, mobile number, and email address, and automatically you’ll get your virtual card. Make sure you activate it.

Next step is to add money to your PayMaya account. The company has over 20,000 partners such as 7-Eleven, Palawan Pawnshop, Smart Padala Centers, SM Stores Business Services, Robinsons Department Store Business Centers, BDO Online Banking and BPI Express Online.

Once you have a load or credit already, you may now use PayMaya to:

  1. Send money to a fellow PayMaya user.
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  2. Pay Bills on your electricity, water, cable subscription and etc.
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  3. Buy Mobile Load, Call & Text or Data.
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  4. Access to current PayMaya promos
You can create an account even if your mobile network is Smart, Sun Cellular, Globe, TM (Touch Mobile) or TNT (Talk ‘N Text). You get VISA card when you register a Smart number and a MasterCard when you register a different mobile network. Also, you’ll need to make an account upgrade

Where to get a PayMaya Card?

Best way to get this is through the PayMaya Shop. Choose the right package for you either a single or multiple cards. Process your order and wait for the item to be delivered to your doorsteps.

Having the card allows you to pay in establishments that accept credit or debit cards. This is a prepaid card that you can load up with cash at the same partners. The best part is that It works here and abroad. How’s the sound of that?

Having both at the same time is like having a superpower everybody has ever wanted.

Superman is physically strong and can fly. Imagine if he can’t fly, he can be just like Hulk.

Linking your physical card to your app is the best way to maximize and utilize the power of PayMaya so it can share one wallet system. Given this, you will receive SMS notifications and records on your app every time you make a transaction either via the card or through the app. Now, what if the whole barkada had PayMaya? Eh di superfriends na!

On top of all this, apart from the partnerships with VISA, MasterCard and Load up centers, PayMaya is also regulated by Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

Anatomy of PayMaya Card & App

PayMaya’s Features & Benefits

Now you can do all these online without a credit card!

1. Shop for clothes and gadgets online.
2. Buy games and apps on app stores.
3. Book flights and accommodations around the world.
4. Book movie tickets online so you can skip the lines.
5. Buy concert tickets online so you don’t miss out on your favorite artists.
6. Purchase gaming credits and in-game items.
7. Get the best discounts at deal sites.
8. Get Visa-exclusive benefits like restaurant discounts and pre-sale shows.
9. Send money to anyone with a PayMaya account anytime, anywhere!
10. Splitting the bill with friends!

What are you waiting for, download PayMaya and create an account today!

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